Stainless steel Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet 6sets

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Modern Design Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

304 Stainless steel material

6 Pieces Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet
COOKING AERA 960x455mm
PRODUCT SIZE 3176 x2286x1370mm
Countertop Height : 900mm
CONSTRUCTION Stainless steel and marble
PERFORMANCE Built-in grill 26.7 kw , side burner 3.9kW
REFRIGERATOR 136L, 220-240V/50Hz,#304 Stainless

Heavy-duty cooking grates 8mm ,Warming rack
Large heavy-duty temperature,Piezo Ignition
Large heavy-duty commercial size push-to-turn knobs
Rotisseries with a solid stainless steel rod and heavy-duty outdoor-rated motor

Loading container : 16sets / 40HQ